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    ebullient - Dictionary definition and meaning for word ebullient

    (adj) joyously unrestrained
    Synonyms : exuberant , high-spirited
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for ebullient

Your dad purchasing you a new 'Enfield Bullet' so you shpw ur 'Excitement' -> ebullient! :D

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If u can think this word in a good sense, "bulli" is always showing exitement or overflows with enthu ,wen a hot gal passes

it is close to jubilation...which is excitment

when water boils, it seems as if it is showing great enthu or excitement thus being ebbulient

A bull is violent(excited).

guys.. think of "BULL" in eBULLient.. it is always excited n raring to go

Red Bull

ebullient="e+bullet"so u r the don and now u have new e-bullet so obiviously u r so hppy with this

In bullfight my bull won the medal and hence I am ebullient today

wen we get over-excited over any issue we generally get into argument wid some1 or even bully with them.so 'bulli(y)'

"bull" is always ready to hit you.so it is high-spirited & exited.

A strong bull is always excited to hit the humans..i.e showing his lot of excitement

E_bull_ant, BULL seems enthusiastic when an ANT goes in to the ears

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