elicit - Dictionary definition and meaning for word elicit

(verb) call forth (emotions, feelings, and responses)
Synonyms : arouse , enkindle , evoke , fire , kindle , provoke , raise
Example Sentence
  • arouse pity
  • raise a smile
  • evoke sympathy

(verb) deduce (a principle) or construe (a meaning)
Synonyms : draw out , educe , evoke , extract
Example Sentence
  • We drew out some interesting linguistic data from the native informant

(verb) derive by reason
Example Sentence
  • elicit a solution

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for elicit

implicit - which is understood .. explicit - means specifically told/derived so elicit - explicit
36       14

by diggs_chauhan

implicit-which is understood .. explicit - means specifically told or written.. ELICIT means which is not specifically told or understood but WE HAVE TO DRIVE BY REASONING
12       1

by lebshah

saari baatein poochke ek list banani hai
4       9

by 1.6k

In Kannada Eli means pull so cit sounds like Sit.so Draw out
3       3

by animator

A-List can be created from extracting(elicit) good things only
3       2

by Nishu22

2       41

by sriharisharma

When scuba diving you don't want to draw out or elicit the Moray EEL from his hiding place as he might bite you.
1       3

by Jackery

0       4

by friendofafriend

elicit = e + lic + it; One lic it one the tube so air is coming out from the tube.
0       1

by shaktipada

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