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(noun) a song or hymn of mourning composed or performed as a memorial to a dead person
Synonyms : coronach , lament , requiem , threnody

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Dirge - di means die, so when you die and have done good things for people in life, a song of grief or lament will be sung for you.
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A dirge gives me da (the) urge to start crying.
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DIRGE sounds like DARD(pain)..song filled with DARD
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looks similar to DARGAH..where people MOURN WITH MUSIC for the loss of loved ones
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sounds like hindi word DARD and TARAZ(music) so dirge is DARD TARAZ or mournful song
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Imagine a DARGE(tailor) dies n on his departure a lament mournful song is being sung.. which is rare n stupid i kno! :D hehe
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In the word dirge, look at DIRgE (DIRE), which is something really bad. So at the dire event of a death, they will play a dirge.
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dirge = die in age i.e in fire, the mournful song for dying.
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afraid(dir in hindi)=> we afriad when someone die and sing song called dirge(just for remembering)
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