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    consanguinity - Dictionary definition and meaning for word consanguinity

    (noun) (anthropology) related by blood
    Synonyms : blood kinship , cognation
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for consanguinity

sanguinary means blood... so bloody relation is consanguinity

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con + sang(sang ya saath mein rahna) + uinity. When you live saath-saath (together), you have kinship or a relation by birth.

con san guinity: last term sounds like SON GENUINITY, means pure, relationship by birth,he is ur own son and not ur neighbours..hehe

con+sang+uinity assume you sang after your relative was born

To correct '1.6k', "sanguine" does not mean blood, it means "cheerful, optimistic etc." "Sanguinary" means "involved in /liking killings, blood etc."

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