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    chase - Dictionary definition and meaning for word chase

    (noun) the act of pursuing in an effort to overtake or capture
    Synonyms : following , pursual , pursuit
    Example Sentence
    • the culprit started to run and the cop took off in pursuit
    (noun) United States politician and jurist who served as chief justice of the United States Supreme Court (1808-1873) Definition
    (noun) a rectangular metal frame used in letterpress printing to hold together the pages or columns of composed type that are printed at one time Definition
    (verb) go after with the intent to catch
    Synonyms : chase after , dog , give chase , go after , tag , tail , track , trail
    Example Sentence
    • The policeman chased the mugger down the alley
    • the dog chased the rabbit
    (verb) pursue someone sexually or romantically
    Synonyms : chase after
    (verb) cut a groove into
    Example Sentence
    • chase silver
    (verb) cut a furrow into a columns
    Synonyms : chamfer , furrow
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for chase

the police "chased" the robbers who had stolen the diamond ring that had been "chased" by the goldsmith.

we often said in cricket that this score is chasing by this team.remembered it as the team is running towards the score to catch it.

Chase(design on metal surface). If you indent your name on metal property, it will be easier to chase it later in case u lost it.

chase sounds like case. in order to keep your ornaments u have to keep it in a case

Word used in video below:
text: and it would chase it free cats do that
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