chagrin - Dictionary definition and meaning for word chagrin

(noun) strong feelings of embarrassment
Synonyms : humiliation , mortification
(verb) cause to feel shame; hurt the pride of
Synonyms : abase , humble , humiliate , mortify
Example Sentence
  • He humiliated his colleague by criticising him in front of the boss

Memory aid to help you memorize this

I was in a meeting and to my chagrin, CHAI GIR gayi on my pant making it very embarrassing for me.
96        14
Chagrin?? I'm surprised nobody though of this! You're SHAGGING in your room and your chacha walks in.. gives you a GRIN- ;-)You're freakin EMBARRASSED! please Rate!
46        14
When someone laughs and GRINs at u,u feel humiliated,irritated.
23        3
'cha'-disappointment, 'grin'-annoyance....
7        12
CHARGING....when you call your friend and he doesn't pick up your call and says that he was CHARGING his mobile and tries to avoid's will make you ANNOYED,DISAPPOINTED...
5        1
ike chandilier in FRIENDS who is embarrassed by joey in presence of women
1        4
shag + grin =embarassment :D
1        0
The mentally disturbed woman had a madnes in her eyes and SHE GRINNED
1        1
chagrin = "cha"(character) + "grin" i.e. someone grins on ur character /Strong feeling of embarrasment/
1        1
agri-angri-angry. somthing annoying ..wen u looses in a challenge,u are angry,caused by the humiliation and injured pride..
1        4
chagrin = no grin
1        6
rachel grin in friends broke up with ross, so she was very disappointed in the serial.
1        6
also grin- u grin wen u a re angry and annoyed..
1        6
Chagrin sounds like charge, taking charge on some one means annoying them.
0        5
Chagrin is like the opposite of grinning
0        1
0        1
chagrin=CHild+Always+GRINs...if yout child always grins in front of everyone, it brings humiliation, annoyance, and disappointment
0        1

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