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    censure - Dictionary definition and meaning for word censure

    (noun) harsh criticism or disapproval
    Synonyms : animadversion
    (noun) the state of being excommunicated
    Synonyms : exclusion , excommunication
    (verb) rebuke formally
    Synonyms : criminate , reprimand
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for censure

Try to link the meaning of this word with the censor board which always critisizes every inch of the film and also disapproves of some of the parts.

the ppl who r very sure,they always criticise others..

censureā€¦sounds simillar to censorā€¦.and when is something censored? When people are disapprove of something,something which gets criticism from all over.

Cent-%-SURE: I was cent percent sure, but it got disapproved

someone is saying you have made a mess go ''C(see) and ensure'' whats the fault in this.

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ensure energy drink is not good in taste, smell and disapprove to have it.(blame; criticize; express strong disapproval)

someone "CENt-per cent-SURE" of what he/she knows is likely to "express formal disapproval" when he/she sees something amiss

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