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    bluster - Dictionary definition and meaning for word bluster

    (noun) noisy confusion and turbulence
    Example Sentence
    • he was awakened by the bluster of their preparations
    (noun) a swaggering show of courage
    Synonyms : bravado
    (noun) a violent gusty wind Definition
    (noun) vain and empty boasting Definition
    (verb) blow hard; be gusty, as of wind
    Example Sentence
    • A southeaster blustered onshore
    • The flames blustered
    (verb) show off
    Synonyms : blow , boast , brag , gas , gasconade , shoot a line , swash , tout , vaunt
    (verb) act in an arrogant, overly self-assured, or conceited manner
    Synonyms : swagger , swash
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for bluster

sounds like blast her,so when you blast someone you talk loudly.but barking dogs seldom bite,so the blasting has no effect

Be+LUST+HER...Imagine a boy who is saying " I am going to BE HER LUST"....obviously the person is building castles in the air.....or he is boasting....

blust...er sounds like gust...gust means hawa(hindi)...hawaabaji( hindi for empty talk)

(blust+laughter)heavy blust , but ends in laughter

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Sounds like blaster -- Blast and hence lot of noise, confusion and turbulence.

bluster= bl(blow in heavy g)uster

BLUSTER is something like CLUSTER, a collection of Stars...U show COURAGE when u r in a group...Also clusters are formed due to GUSTY WINDS

block bluster >>> hindi movies which has lot or mirch masala with confusion, lot of noise, show off,etc.. is always successful..

Think of a person who always brags and bluster :: what would you say to this man if he starts blustering again ::: arey abh "" BAS - KER " (bluster) ( in Hindi : to stop)

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