paraphernalia - Dictionary definition and meaning for word paraphernalia

(noun) equipment consisting of miscellaneous articles needed for a particular operation or sport etc.
Synonyms : appurtenance , gear

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for paraphernalia

You remember this word by peripheral,means extra equipments..
45       17

by gatz_funky

parap(her)(nalia) : here nalia in hindi means to take bath,so gals taking bath require a lot of extra stuff.
8       14

by gre_10

second part of the word sounds like furniture...which reminds us of equipment
5       20

by wingdeng

paraphernalia= parapher (fera far = marriage kar)+ n (and) + alia (giving equipments)= the people giving lots of dowry / gifts and equipments for the marriage
2       4

by rajpt_007

(para+pherna+lia)imagine u r going for a theft(dhoom 2)u r asking ur partner did u take (PARAchute+PHERna ka(magnetic substance which rotates(pherna) and attracts guns+LIYA(did u take)
1       6

by baddu

sound of "funnel" in between ....equipments
0       1

by aman454

निजी सामग्री गहना (m) वस्त्र (m) साज साज-सामान (m)
0       1

by krishnakant

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