aphorism - Dictionary definition and meaning for word aphorism

(noun) a short pithy instructive saying
Synonyms : apophthegm , apothegm

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for aphorism

aphorism---> a + phrase..
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by vikas_the_cool

hey this is a good one aphostropy(sorry spelling might be wrong) is very small symbol but has a lot of meaning just like aphorism
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by wordsmania

APHORISM<===> कहावत (pr. \\kahavat \\ )[Noun] Example:Aphorisms contain general truth.
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by tpant

a + phor (for); Kids are generally taugt like "A for apple".. and there is a famous aphorism "An apple a day keeps the doctor away."
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by editor1

a+phase Remember Navjot Singh sidhu for his proverbs which he would give in the cricket commentary
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by Maheshjaju

ape hor(whore) ism is a whores theory, a short saying by a whore... ap(ape) hor(whore) ism....
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by souravkhanna

APHORISM can be split into "A(one)"+"SOPHOR/SOPHOS(wise)"+"ism"->which means a Wise Saying or Phrase
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by melancholica

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