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    apothegm - Dictionary definition and meaning for word apothegm

    (noun) a short pithy instructive saying
    Synonyms : aphorism , apophthegm
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for apothegm

APOlogize THE GM(general manager) because he only says things short-has no time to explain things fully

In movie reviews, the THEME of a movie is described with an APOTHEGM.

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for this one focus on the POT when looking at the word... "I used to know some aPOTthegms about marijuana, but I forgot them all."

most gm's are from south and ap is one of the state in that it produced koneru humpy

A POTHI(tome) contains many short stories.

grand ma always saya pithy r compact sayings to children and they react to them by saying a po

A(poth)egm = a(Pithy)egm

a pot he gm(hindi)....the one who roams around with a pot filled with gm(hindi)

APOTHEGM....A + THEMA....which is small short line/statement

aAP-ho-THE-GreatMan.. and whatever you said was very wise and pithy...

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