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    homily - Dictionary definition and meaning for word homily

    (noun) a sermon on a moral or religious topic
    Synonyms : preachment
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for homily

HOME+SILLY....when we do SILLY things at HOME ,our parents get angry and give preaches

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homily = home becomes silly....when you get a warning from your parents you take it as an unwanted homily (sermon).

You can relate it like "homely gal talking homily"

take it as home + late (-ly)..when u get home late at night u get serious warning from parents

homily= home + lie if u tell lies at home you will be warned and and moral teachings would be given

homely(narrowminded here) mothers give homilies to their wayward teenage sons. Mine does all the time haha.

homily - anomaly (its a common word used for a behaviour that is deviating from the rule) ; so if you do some thing that is anomalus , then have to face the homily (sermon , severe lecture !)

Hone in on morality by listening to sermons.

at home parents speeches are HOMILIES!!

Think of King HOMI Jahangir Who was a religious king

usually the homicides r "religious homicides" so v can link religion from there

Boys who get daily homilies from their families grow up as sissy and sharmilees(shy).

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