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    anneal - Dictionary definition and meaning for word anneal

    (verb) bring to a desired consistency, texture, or hardness by a process of gradually heating and cooling
    Synonyms : normalize , temper
    Example Sentence
    • temper glass
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for anneal

TO make "NAAL" ( horse shoe) One has to heat the iron then cool it, and repeat the process to get a tough horse shoe...A-NAAL ..:)

ANNEAL=A+NAIL. You must ANNEAL metal to make A NAIL.

For tv series "SCRUBS" viewers only : Dr. Cox want to anneal J.D.

Anneal rhymes like Peel: which means to remove outer covering..now imagine a cricket ball. If you peel off the outer covering you are left with a cork which is very hard...So, appeal means to harden things.

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AnEel is a fish which give out electricity, so it increases its toughness,which can also be increased by heating or cooling

an + kneel is very hard,hold our full body

ANNEAL ===> toughen (steel or glass) by a process of gradually heating and cooling; "temper glass"[VERB]

anneal sounds like heal so when someone heals his bitterness reduces and toughness increases. as simple as that.

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