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    anarchy - Dictionary definition and meaning for word anarchy

    (noun) a state of lawlessness and disorder (usually resulting from a failure of government)
    Synonyms : lawlessness
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Anarchy-Sounds like 'monarchy' (like tibet was ruled by monarchy)...so, absenceof government

Anarchy = A + Narchy -> Narakh (like "hell" in hindi).. and in hell there is complete disorder and lawlessness.

sounds like hierarchy take “a” as no hierarchy i.e state of disorder

anarchy(noun)….divde this word like AN(.when used as prefix before noun it means..person)+arch(y)…means…most important or head of something……now think of a country in which there is no person at the most importanat position(usually a rular,or PMor


sounds like 'monarchy'(king ruler).so related government.

the most importanat position(usually a rular,or PMor president...).to rule the country..to amend laws for country. so now think what will be the situation of that nation....obvieously..disorderness everywhere.

anarchy= a+archy => without+ruler

ANARCHY = The boy is out of order demanding a anar (fruit) chocolate.

ANARCHY<===> अव्यवस्था/अराजकता (pr. \\avyavastha/arajakata \\ )[Noun] Example:Bad government can give rise to anarchy.

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