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    advert - Dictionary definition and meaning for word advert

    (noun) a public promotion of some product or service Definition
    (verb) give heed (to)
    Synonyms : attend , give ear , hang , pay heed
    Example Sentence
    • The children in the audience attended the recital quietly
    • She hung on his every word
    • They attended to everything he said
    (verb) make a more or less disguised reference to
    Synonyms : allude , touch
    Example Sentence
    • He alluded to the problem but did not mention it
    (verb) make reference to
    Synonyms : bring up , cite , mention , name , refer
    Example Sentence
    • His name was mentioned in connection with the invention
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for advert

advertise is made from advert

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advertisement.. it sounds like that.. so ads refer to a product

Advert sounds linke Adword and Google adword used for advertisement.

advert: ad[towards] + vert[to turn], so if you turn towards any matter, basically you are 'giving ears/attention' to it.

no need for a mnemonic here as they are the starting letters of the advertisement

Vert is a Latin root means 'to turn',take for examples the words 'introvert','extrovert','invert'. Now ADVERT consists of AD(advertisement)+VERT(to return),meaning to turn to the advertisement or refer to it (in a conversation)

you add worth to sth by referring to it.

ADVERT<===> विज्ञापन (pr. \\vijnyapan \\ )[Noun] Example:In market, few products are sold without an advert. ADVERTISE<===> विज्ञापन देना (pr. \\vijnyapan dena \\ )[Verb] Example:All big companies adve

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