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    admonish - Dictionary definition and meaning for word admonish

    (verb) admonish or counsel in terms of someone's behavior
    Synonyms : discourage , monish , warn
    Example Sentence
    • I warned him not to go too far
    • I warn you against false assumptions
    • She warned him to be quiet
    (verb) warn strongly; put on guard
    Synonyms : caution , monish
    (verb) take to task
    Synonyms : reprove
    Example Sentence
    • He admonished the child for his bad behavior
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for admonish

in the add of "eak choti si love story" monisha koiralla on orkut and she shall admonish u/warn u for doing so

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adm(in)+on(e)+(pun)ish : (net)admin in the company is one step away (Giving strong warning now) from punishing you.bcoz you are accessing prohibited network sites.

to avoid A DEMON-ish act, a mother Warns her naughty child [Note: A face of a demon as the warning Sign]

Admonish--->Ad(Advertisement)+Monish(person's name)--Direct Monish was warned by Censored board for making Uncensored Advertisement. Hope this helps.:)

admonish ~ ADD MANISH -- Add Manish in the list of guys whom we will WARN to stay away from her.

Admonish spounds similar to Admission Before giving addmission into bar guards admonish (warn)youth

Th cop warned the rash driving BRITISH and ADDed MONey to the fine.

Add + Punish= since scolding, reproving, or berating is a form of punishment, think add punish = admonish

Ad+ monish: monish means warning, so ad+ monish, warning

monish --> admonish

Adamant Monica was punished

ad+moni+sh=moni always warns us for some misfortune.

ADMONISH<===> डाँटना (pr. \\DaNaTana \\ )[Noun] ADMONISH<===> गम्भीरता से सलाह देना (pr. \\gambhirata se salah dena \\ )[Verb] Example:He was admonished to open a bank account for himself. ADMO

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