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Short Definition : of good upbringing; well-mannered and refined

(adj) of good upbringing
Synonyms : well-mannered

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for well-bred

Someone who is very WELL in eating BREAD with a fork and knife is obviously well mannered.
4       1

by lebshah

Someone who is getting good(WELL) food(BREAD); is obviously learning good manners.
1       0


well means good and bred is past tense of breeding or upbringing.simple
1       0

by pragati_gupta

Well-bred and mannered both refer to etiquette(manners) of a specific kind.
0       0

by pushpa_edit


Short Definition : raised mark from a beating or whipping

(noun) a raised mark on the skin (as produced by the blow of a whip); characteristic of many allergic reactions
Synonyms : wale , weal , wheal

(noun) a raised or strengthened seam
(verb) beat severely with a whip or rod
Synonyms : flog , lash , lather , slash , strap , trounce , whip
Example Sentence
  • The teacher often flogged the students
  • The children were severely trounced

(verb) put a welt on
Example Sentence
  • welt the shoes

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for welt

sounds like BELT...having been beaten by a belt, he had marks all over his body.
8       0

by userdce

welt = wear + belt , when we wear belt regularly , it makes a "mark" on our heap , like mark from beating or whipping
5       1

by somabrata

3       8

by s.ram

welt sounds like belt...jab belt padti hai toh nishaan ho jaate hain
0       2

by vikas023

welt sounds like belt..if u beat someone with a belt it will make marks on bod =welt
0       0

by jai ho


Short Definition : wallow (as in mud or high seas); lie soaked (as in blood); Ex. The victims weltered in their blood.

(noun) a confused multitude of things
(verb) toss, roll, or rise and fall in an uncontrolled way
Example Sentence
  • The shipwrecked survivors weltered in the sea for hours

(verb) roll around,
Synonyms : wallow
Example Sentence
  • pigs were wallowing in the mud

(verb) be immersed in
Example Sentence
  • welter in work

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for welter

I would remember it as 'world tour'. so you are planning for a world tour, but 'confused' as where to start from, because there are quite a lot countries to be covered. Hence 'confused due to multiple things'.
40       5

by gunjanshah

I fell into a WELL of TAR to get drenched and entangled in it.
28       4

by pcsjith

WHEN PRONOUNCED sounds like WET in WATER....SO WHEN you went to visit sunder bans you suddently fell into mud thus you became wet due to muddy water.
6       20

by preetisoni2411

Welter is like helter-skelter. Welter means a state of turmoil, while helter-skelter means, in a disorderly haste...thereby showing a confusion.
1       0

by pushpa_edit

Split it up into WET(WEL)+WATER(TER).So, yu lie soaked in water with a confused look on yur face as wat to do next?
1       3

by kulks

well - jalian waala bagh ~ 1. turmoil 2. people soaked in blood
1       6

by friendofafriend

welter sounds like wilderness. The wilderness produces a welter of paths. When you get lost in the wilderness, you would welter about, wandering which one of the paths to go.
1       1

by lollipop

When a WELTERweight boxer gets punched in the head, he becomes confused.
1       2

by dshefman

During World Tour where to take SHELTER...its confusing due to multiple hotels..Hence it WELTERS choosing SHELTER during WORLd TOur...
1       0

by bugmenot

the well+water(welter) is drinkable or not confused and it look like rolled with mud
1       0

by sansecretcp

welter = wel + ter read in hindi . wel mai ter means kue mai tair .. swimming kar . agar aisa koi aapko kahe tohu ll confuse wot he was saying .. he is mad .
0       4

by arun aroraaaaa

When you go to a hotel and shout " Waiter" there is a turmoil amongst the waiter. They get confused about who has been called and hence a confused multitude of things start to happen. Syn : bewildered
0       0

by saketagrawal123

WELL (Wel) THERE(Ter) are many restaurants here that serve good food
0       0

by perumalgandhi

pigs welter in mud as they dont have shelter.
0       0

by jai ho

WALTER VETRIVEL- the confused chaotic satyaraj movie
0       0

by biotechlover


Short Definition : deceive, persuade, or obtain by flattery; cajole; coax; Ex. wheedle a promise out of her

(verb) influence or urge by gentle urging, caressing, or flattering
Synonyms : blarney , cajole , coax , inveigle , palaver , sweet-talk
Example Sentence
  • He palavered her into going along

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for wheedle

wheedle think of WEED they are drugs that deceive young people to take it-sounds like someones saying weed le .. which means take weed
9       2

by gurugre

wheedle- consider weed..weeds r plants dat grow unnecssarly btw da good plants..we can;t find dem by just cin..dey decieve us..
8       10

by angel

wheedle..wheed(SOUNDS LIKE NEED)...when we NEED something very urgently we try to obtain it in whatever way possible, be it by flattery or deception.
6       0

by preetisoni2411

wheel+idle ... sit idle in a wheel chair and persuade others to do your work
3       0

by pradipta863das88

wheed--> weep to fulfill the need
2       2

by tashika.nutty

usne needle mangi thi..i decieved him and gave weedle.
1       0

by jai ho

weds wit the rich girl by wheedle
0       0

by shaktipada


Short Definition : young animal (esp. of the dog or cat family); young wolf, dog, tiger, etc.

(noun) young of any of various canines such as a dog or wolf
Synonyms : pup

(verb) birth
Synonyms : pup
Example Sentence
  • the dog whelped

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for whelp

its w+ help = as hutch dog is for help . whelp is a young dog
10       3

by gopikrish2000

w+help... say a little pup needs HELP from its mother because it is still very young.
1       1

by preetisoni2411

"whelp" "Whelp".. sounds like a bark from a young dog
1       1

by prasad.sharath

help needed seeing big animal, whelp -> we help them when young animal.
0       0

by sansecretcp


Short Definition : sharpen; stimulate; Ex. whet someone's appetite

(verb) make keen or more acute
Synonyms : quicken
Example Sentence
  • whet my appetite

(verb) sharpen by rubbing, as on a whetstone
Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for whet

sounds like WET, when you see a wet girl,you get stimulated
73       2

by nileshdive

whet - tamil - வெட்டு, means to s sharpened wen cut (pencil)
16       8

by the suspect

Whet sounds like wet. So, before using the whetstone to sharpen your knife, you have to wet it a little.
8       10

by Administrator

sounds lik VEET:- veet stimulates hair cells to grow another is on seeing a veet gal (katrina) u get stimulated
2       2

by shri

compare it with "wheat". Mom's persuades her child to have "wheat" that will make him more "whet/acute, sharp"
2       0

by jinnie

wet ur clothes before washing them to stimulate washing dirt.
1       9

by userdce

once your senses have been WHET, you no longer have to say, "What?"
1       11

by tivoli25

When she fell asleep, she WET, washed her face to sharpen her senses
1       3

by itspossible

whet-wet girl stimulates
0       0

by jai ho

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