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sly - Dictionary definition and meaning for word sly

(adj) marked by skill in deception
Synonyms : crafty , cunning , dodgy , foxy , guileful , knavish , slick , tricksy , tricky , wily
Example Sentence
  • cunning men often pass for wise
  • deep political machinations
  • a foxy scheme
  • a slick evasive answer
  • sly as a fox
  • tricky Dick
  • a wily old attorney

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for sly

s"lie" - one who deceives.
22       0

by prksandeep

A SPY has to be good at SLYing
2       0

by ratna_aloorkar

Sly and Fly
1       6

by ksameer_coep

Słowiański złodziej. (Slavic thief). Slavic warrior come to german car and put it into thief sack.
0       0

by czarny_pan

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