voracious - Dictionary definition and meaning for word voracious

(adj) excessively greedy and grasping
Synonyms : rapacious , ravening
Example Sentence
  • a rapacious divorcee on the prowl
  • ravening creditors
  • paying taxes to voracious governments
(adj) devouring or craving food in great quantities
Example Sentence
  • edacious vultures
  • a rapacious appetite
  • ravenous as wolves
  • voracious sharks

Memory aid to help you memorize this

remember carniVORES ,herbiVORES...So "VORE" tells sumthing about eating.
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Voracious (BORA RICE FOR US) Imagine you are seeking a BORA BHARKAR RICE for yourself.. what does it signifies? Simply you be such a food craver !!
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Break Voracious as VO RAkhI US ne jab bandhi meen ne bohat sa khana khushii meen kha leya.
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vo rac ious (eating one rack of food).
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Vora (wore) + acious (Asha ) girls wore different sadi in asha (mean greedy in +ve way)
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Voracious and gluttonous are similar in sound and they mean... greedy.
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