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    vivid - Dictionary definition and meaning for word vivid

    (adj) evoking lifelike images within the mind
    Synonyms : graphic , lifelike , pictorial
    Example Sentence
    • pictorial poetry and prose
    • graphic accounts of battle
    • a lifelike portrait
    • a vivid description
    (adj) having the clarity and freshness of immediate experience
    Example Sentence
    • a vivid recollection
    (adj) having striking color
    Synonyms : bright , brilliant
    Example Sentence
    • bright dress
    • brilliant tapestries
    • a bird with vivid plumage
    (adj) (of color) having the highest saturation
    Synonyms : intense
    Example Sentence
    • vivid green
    • intense blue
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THIS word sound like hindi word VIVIDH, which means DISTINCT.

Vivid is the opposite of languid. Vivid is physical energy, whereas languid is physical inertness (dull).

vivid- imagine in visual about video picture make us bright and lively

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