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    vernal - Dictionary definition and meaning for word vernal

    (adj) suggestive of youth; vigorous and fresh
    Synonyms : young , youthful
    Example Sentence
    • he is young for his age
    (adj) of or characteristic of or occurring in spring
    Example Sentence
    • the vernal equinox
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for vernal

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Ver (above) nal (tap of water) (in Marathi, Hindi) -- water falling from the tap which is above us like rain.

VERNA(l)...Hyundai VERNA has a very powerful engine and an excellent pick up. It SPRINGS when accelerated.

Vernal is the opposite of primal. Vernal means something fresh,new, young, whereas primal means, the primitive (old).

This is for bio students, vernalisation is to do with flowering, so vernal can be connected to flowers and thus 'spring'

relate to Virginal mean fresh and pure reminds spring

vernal circle:spring summer autumn winter spring summer....

VERNAL also means pertaining to spring VER(up in marathi)...a thing that is pressed down and comes up is a SPRING

the new VERNA looks great... it has new features,fresh like "spring"

hundai verna launch new in spring season

Ver (fall, in punjabi) nal (tap of water) (in Hindi) -- water falling from the tap which is above us --so like a rain thus spring

Ver (true) nal (tap of water) -- water falling from the tap in reality(truly) like rain.

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