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    sedition - Dictionary definition and meaning for word sedition

    (noun) an illegal action inciting resistance to lawful authority and tending to cause the disruption or overthrow of the government
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for sedition

seidition = said+i+shun he said i will shun u.. reisitance 2 authority

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SEDITION or OPPOSITION which are rhyming words refer to words or actions inciting rebellion.

Sedition <-> Petition .. Petition is filed in the court to resist the govt's order to relocate the temple ..

cheddi-son - ur little son is resisting to put on his underwear

sed(APART)+ITIO(GOING)+N....GOING APART or sepration FROM A LAWFUL AUTHORITY, SHOWS YOUR HOSTILITY TOWARS IT. WHEN WE become hostile toward someone, or when our relation are not good we try to GO APART FROM THOSE PEOPLE...

sedition- rhymes like CHEDI SON -- uske son ne ladki chedi and it is sedition.

When demonstrating against the government, a person is likely to SIT-DOWN as in sit-dish-on.

sedition rymes with edition public keh rahi hai agar writer ne is sex book ka edition nikala to hum virodh karenge

sedition. sed-(said) ition : ignition. he said or spoke in a way that ignited their feelings and forced people to act against the authority..

sediments=rocks => hard(resistant) to authority

sedition = for the addition of the seed the quarrel is going on.

'edition' means to add while '(s)edition' means to oppose or persuade people to oppose.

sedition = Seed + edition. edit of seed which is produce in some one field without showing in govt. register is always anti govt.

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