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    veracity - Dictionary definition and meaning for word veracity

    (noun) unwillingness to tell lies
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for veracity

veracity and voracity were two cities, people of vora city used to eat too much and people of vera city used to tell truth about their fattiness, which caused differences between two cities (in this way you can remem. both words)

U must have the audacity to exhibit veracity!!!audacity means courage...veracity means truthfulness......(2 words at a go)

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ver=truth so truthfulness or honesty

VERITASERUM...a potion in harry potter which is used to make ppl tell truth is derived from this word!!!

Veracity and sincerity are both synonyms of the word truthful.

VERUS is a Latin root for true....

veracity rhymes with accuracy ...(sing it)

vera=veer in hindi veer is powerful person) + city, so in vera city every thing is truthful.

veracity (verify + accuracy) = truthful

VERAcity...VEERA always tells truthful city :)

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