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    venial - Dictionary definition and meaning for word venial

    (adj) warranting only temporal punishment
    Synonyms : minor
    Example Sentence
    • venial sin
    (adj) easily excused or forgiven
    Synonyms : excusable , forgivable
    Example Sentence
    • a venial error
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for venial

key word is menial. We forgive someone for menial mistakes.

ven + ial (ill) when child is ill, his mischievousness is forgiveable

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replace the first word with d and the word "denial" means to deny something or give excuse to something

Remember "venal" - it is pertaining to sin. This is also pertaining to sin.

Venial--replace v with d..ie denial means rejecting the request ..so contradictory to denial means venial means accepting (forgiving) someone

the ability to forgive runs through our VEINS

venial == i + venal (i.e only difference is an 'i'), which u can expand as ignore+ venal (crime)== forgive

a menial job at the start of your career is venial enough.. but a menial job after years of experience is worth a rebuke

VEIN is very thin....when you see a VENIAL(very thin like vein) person, you will pardon him

Someone Genial will consider an offense as Venial.

if you hit someone in an artery- OH MY GOD BLOOD EVERYWHERE. But in the VEIN? Well, that's venial.

venial comes from Venus which is all about sexual desire.. It is a trivial thing and also someone indulging in such crimes cannot be forgiven

venial - ve+nial-> we people nailed Jesus but he readily forgived,pardon all

Venial and pardonable both refer to forgiveable, excuseable.h

(ven)When (ial)ill you are pardoned of your mistakes

Venial = ven + i + al; ven comes so let i have to left the all people.

venial->lenial->lenient. U can be lenient with a person who has committed venial error

sounds like DENIAL which means refusing to comply and VENIAL is opposite of it..

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