utopia - Dictionary definition and meaning for word utopia

(noun) a book written by Sir Thomas More (1516) describing the perfect society on an imaginary island
(noun) ideally perfect state; especially in its social and political and moral aspects
(noun) a work of fiction describing a utopia
(noun) an imaginary place considered to be perfect or ideal
Synonyms : sion , zion

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for utopia

remember etheopia which is a country. consider it as an ideal place on earth for everyone.
10       4

by cp.jethani

u(you)-top-ia~aaye. ie aap class me top aaye, this is what u imagine.
9       1

by pulkitdave007

utopia = u-top-i-a = u-top(ideal/perfect)- i(iota in maths ie imaginary number)-a
4       0

by pulkitdave007

Utopia - If there is a utopia on earth, it lies within one's imagination.
1       3

by pushpa_edit

u top ia(yeah)... at top there is heaven and its an ideal place
1       0

by harsha00711

uTOPia...the city which is ideal will be on TOP in any ratings
1       0

by siddu

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