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    untenable - Dictionary definition and meaning for word untenable

    (adj) (of theories etc) incapable of being defended or justified
    Synonyms : indefensible
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for untenable

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a child un(der) ten not able defense himself they need parents maintenance (under+ten+not able)

un-TEN(et)-able ..if you donot follow the tenets (rules), then you cannot defend yourself..

UN[NOT] 'Under' TEN[Years] ABLE You Are An Adult[18] So You're INDEFENSIBLE...

Unable to put a <B>tent</B> around to protect.

un + tenable. tenants are tenable if you can maintain them, so untenable means unmaintainable

Untenable and Pregnable are rhyming words with a similar meaning, which is, defenceless.

Unattainable things are so sought after they are untenable.

un(main)tenable... so somethin untenable is un-maintain-able

Untenable = unt + enable; It is not possible to enable it.

untenable - cannot eve n maintain ten soldiers to protect, indefensible or not able to be maintained.

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