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    unobtrusive - Dictionary definition and meaning for word unobtrusive

    (adj) not obtrusive or undesirably noticeable
    Synonyms : unnoticeable
    Example Sentence
    • a quiet, unobtrusive life of self-denial
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for unobtrusive

something obtruding/protruding will be noticeable, UN(not)OBSTRUSIVE( undesirably noticeable) is unnoticeable and not blatant

Unobtrusive and Attractive are opposite words. While unobtrusive means, not making oneself or itself noticed, attractive refers to something that pulls your attention towards itself.

unobtrusive - un obstruct attention or not attracting attention.

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UNOBSTRUCIVE-un(Abstruse) abstruse is some obscure.. profound,, not clear ... which is its not Blatantly visible

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