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    trenchant - Dictionary definition and meaning for word trenchant

    (adj) having keenness and forcefulness and penetration in thought, expression, or intellect
    Synonyms : searching
    Example Sentence
    • searching insights
    • trenchant criticism
    (adj) characterized by or full of force and vigor
    Synonyms : hard-hitting
    Example Sentence
    • a hard-hitting expose
    • a trenchant argument
    (adj) clearly or sharply defined to the mind
    Synonyms : clear-cut , distinct
    Example Sentence
    • clear-cut evidence of tampering
    • Claudius was the first to invade Britain with distinct...intentions of conquest
    • trenchant distinctions between right and wrong
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for trenchant

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When you chant it is to be very strong, clear and effective

if chant under the tree...it ll be clear and effective


'ant' always walk in straight 'trench' i.e they know which way is right or wrong for them.. they never deviate...

trenchant:trench+ant;an ant in a trench is sharply perceptive to things because it can see every minute particles.(sharply perceptive)

TRENCHANT and ELOQUENT are rhyming words . Both the words refer to a strong and effective use of language.

when american economy collapsed,keynes asked the us goverment to dig trenches so that they can employ people& govt was SO KEEN to have a solution, they really asked people to dig trenches..

TRENCHANT rhymes with PUNGENT,so the meaning goes(not the exact one though)

TRENCH warfare b/t father and teenage you. He saw right through your ANTic because he was more [keenly perceptive]. Now he still teases you w/ [penetrating remarks] of his [effectiveness] in catching you red handed.

ten chantazz ( severe) or criticism

if ure chatting with 10 people then you must be all knowing or insightful. ten + chat

trend + chant(repeatedly doing something) >>> when a trend goes on and on followed by people, it becomes clear in mind of younger people that that related thing is to be done like that nly... relate it..

train+chant:so when train is chanting the expression is effective n clearly heard or understood

trench+ant...imagine an ant forcefully breaking the trench and vigorously coming your way...

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