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    torrid - Dictionary definition and meaning for word torrid

    (adj) characterized by intense emotion
    Example Sentence
    • ardent love
    • an ardent lover
    • a fervent desire to change society
    • a fervent admirer
    • fiery oratory
    • an impassioned appeal
    • a torrid love affair
    (adj) emotionally charged and vigorously energetic
    Example Sentence
    • a torrid dance
    • torrid jazz bands
    • hot trumpets and torrid rhythms
    (adj) extremely hot
    Example Sentence
    • the torrid noonday sun
    • sultry sands of the dessert
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for torrid

torturously arid or hot & arid=torrid

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My girlfriend thought i was lookin torrid(HOT) in my new silky shirt so she just came up and TORE IT OFF!!!!(SOUNDS LIKE TORID)

"Tour" + "Rid" You got rid of the tour because it was to hot outside.

i remember vaguely but 10 years back there was this chick named TORRY who was KANE's gf in WWE. i best KANE 1.was passionate about 2. HEATED sex with her.

People in Torrid Zones experience hot

torres is really PASSIONATE about football and girls think he is really HOT

too - Arid(hot and scorching )

torrid - to really red - red is symbolic of passion , hot and heat.

torrid....torri+d..torri..sounds like tory..people of.conservative party in britain is known as TORY..who is very PASSIONATE ABOUT his party rules and work.

TORRID and HEATED are words describing something very hot and dry.

Tory Wilson (am not sure whether she is still doing it )is very hot women in WWE

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