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    torrent - Dictionary definition and meaning for word torrent

    (noun) a heavy rain Definition
    (noun) a violently fast stream of water (or other liquid)
    Synonyms : violent stream
    Example Sentence
    • the houses were swept away in the torrent
    (noun) an overwhelming number or amount
    Synonyms : deluge , flood , inundation
    Example Sentence
    • a flood of requests
    • a torrent of abuse
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for torrent

TORRENT and CURRENT are rhyming words with a similar meaning. Torrent refers to heavy flow of water and Current refers to flow of electrons.

while downloading torrents peers are connected in huge numbers. its like a flood of peers

torrent a fictional character in a comic..torrent..a daughter of strom.in future.....so a violent strom is known as FLOOD

torrent = tor(you) + rent (rate);when the guy asked the bar girl what is your(tor) one night rent(money), the water flow from her eyes in high speed & she said I am not sold able ; I only dance for this bar.

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