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    tipple - Dictionary definition and meaning for word tipple

    (noun) a serving of drink (usually alcoholic) drawn from a keg
    Synonyms : draft , draught , potation
    Example Sentence
    • they served beer on draft
    (verb) drink moderately but regularly
    Synonyms : bib
    Example Sentence
    • We tippled the cognac
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for tipple

Don't tipple or you will TOPPLE.

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TIPple, who gives tips to waiter more no of times ?? the one who goes to bar regularly and drinks.

Reminds of tippu sultan. Kings we see in films usually drink and enjoy.

tipple~~~~nipple...from nipple generally sucks milk where as here alchol

Take it as TIP LE (hindi). Don't drink and don't say Tip Le..

TIPPLE is to always have a BOTTLE in hand, to be a habitual drinker.

Man had an habit of tipping all people when he was tipple.

tipple==TIP TIP gir raha hai alcohol from that NIPPLE...why waste it,so we DRINK IT FREQUENTLY!!!...........:D

sounds like tripple one who keeps on tripping- badly drunk

t + ppl >>> many ppl have a habit to DRINK tea REGULARLY.

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