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    tempestuous - Dictionary definition and meaning for word tempestuous

    (adj) characterized by violent emotions or behavior
    Synonyms : stormy
    Example Sentence
    • a stormy argument
    • a stormy marriage
    (adj) (of the elements) as if showing violent anger
    Synonyms : angry , furious , raging , wild
    Example Sentence
    • angry clouds on the horizon
    • furious winds
    • the raging sea
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for tempestuous

TEMPESTUOUS can be split as TEMP + PEST + OUS, so how will your TEMPer be if someone keeps PESTering you. It will obviously be VIOLENT.

Tempestuous and Tumultuous have similar sounds and they both refer to turbulence or disorder.

tempestuous can be related to tempting, if something is very tempting to us, we become violent and agitated to get it...

guys this one is simple. tempestuous and impetuous mean the same. when a pet(dog) irritates u become impetuous or tempestuous. meaning violent and rash

focus on TEMP ..so not even (temp)orarily at rest...very stormy.originally posted by dancing shiv

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temp(temporarily)+est(sounds like rest)……now think of rakhi savant(a dancer)..when mika (her friend and singer)..kissed her..she turned violent,she got bad tempered and villified him in media,and she does it almost every month,in short she never tak

n short she never takes rest and always makes the news.

we all know about the play "TEMPEST"

Tempest is a violent wind or storm.... So tempestuous is violent anger

sounds like "time pass" + ous.. If we do time pass during exams then our parents are sure to get violet, stormy on us..

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