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    sybarite - Dictionary definition and meaning for word sybarite

    (noun) a person addicted to luxury and pleasures of the senses
    Synonyms : voluptuary
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for sybarite

sybarite..sy+bar+rite a lover of luxury finds going to the bar right and munching dick

someone who like 2 see+bright things in life i.e. luxury nd devoted to it.

Sybarite = cyber + IT ie ppl in field of Cyber and IT and other computer professionals grow fond of luxury bcoz of thier heavy income

sy+bar+rite....who "SaYs BAR is RIghT" is sybarite

Have U ever seen SYmonds hair style,he is a total luxuries guy, he loves to go to BAR, he says this is the RITE way of living,, he loves luxury!

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cybarite: cy+barite. One can see barite as barat, and Indian wedding and barat is full of luxury...

Someone who says "Sure buy it" because he/she is devoted to luxury

uncle Sybil who lives in siberia is a sybarite...he loves luxury!

+++++++ prince garg

who go bar every nite(night) is sybarite

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