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    visceral - Dictionary definition and meaning for word visceral

    (adj) relating to or affecting the viscera
    Synonyms : splanchnic
    Example Sentence
    • visceral bleeding
    • a splanchnic nerve
    (adj) obtained through intuition rather than from reasoning or observation
    Synonyms : intuitive , nonrational
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for visceral

Visceral = wise cereal, which is good for health and internal organs.

divide it like visce+ral.focus..on viscuS...VISCUS...mean heart..so you felt something in your heart.

He got so used to eating cereal in the morning that it became a visceral desicion. It was an instinct instead of intellectual. So, basically he WISHed for CEREAL (VISCERAL)

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Visceral means gut or gut instinct.

Visceral sounds like" ghisela" which means a person with problems with internal organs.This way it can be remembered

Visceral and internal are similar and mean - inside.

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