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    swarthy - Dictionary definition and meaning for word swarthy

    (adj) naturally having skin of a dark color
    Synonyms : dark-skinned , dusky , swart
    Example Sentence
    • a dark-skinned beauty
    • gold earrings gleamed against her dusky cheeks
    • a smile on his swarthy face
    • `swart' is archaic
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for swarthy

Sounds like "swarth" which means selfish. i.e., dark side of a human.

my friend SWATHI is not SWARTHY.....she is fair!

in SOUTH India one can find many swarthy girls

S-someone's WAR-varn(complexion) is ARTHY-earthy(dusky)

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sweth is white in sanskrit, so perhaps swarth is dark ( like a war )

Keyword: "Var Arthy" If someone's husband( var in hindi) dies, she live in dark

swarthy==swarthi (selfish) pplburn from inside as a result their skin turns dark,black

The word contain war ; war is always dark & gloomy.

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