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    assiduous - Dictionary definition and meaning for word assiduous

    (adj) marked by care and persistent effort
    Synonyms : sedulous
    Example Sentence
    • her assiduous attempts to learn French
    • assiduous research
    • sedulous pursuit of legal and moral principles
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for assiduous

assiduous+ass+in+the+dust.a donkey working hard in the dust.meaning hard working or industrious or diligent

if u get "assi" i.e 80%, u sure r a hardworkin nd ASSIduous :P

as+Siduo+us: If you know the meaning of Sedulous, which means diligentm, hardworking. One can find the same word in Assiduous too. AS+SEDUOL+OUS. ASS is also a trigger, Hardworking as an ASS or a donkey

Ass is donkey and donkey is hardworking.

if u get "assi" i.e 80% u Sure r hardworkin and ASSIduous

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assiduous= "as i am doing" persistant effort to master Vocab

diligent assitant

You hope your ASSIstant will work as ASSIDUOUSLY as an ASS.

when u handle Acid then u show constant and careful attention

ass dual: like working your ass off,hardworking ,diligent,sedulous

I will add to logic87, that acid means vigorous, so doing work vigorously ....

assi + duous >> assi (in hindi 80), u do work with 80% efficiency.. means u r hardworking

ass+i+do i work like an ass i.e. i am hard working

dont know why does everyone use the word ASS for alll words,,as there are many words starting from that it leads to confusion..wake up guys

sounds like ACID..acid must be handled with care and effort!

spell it as assi dus so assi (80) + dus(10) - 90.. to get 90 % u hav to work hard!!

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