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    surmise - Dictionary definition and meaning for word surmise

    (noun) a message expressing an opinion based on incomplete evidence Definition
    (verb) infer from incomplete evidence Definition
    (verb) imagine to be the case or true or probable
    Synonyms : suspect
    Example Sentence
    • I suspect he is a fugitive
    • I surmised that the butler did it
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for surmise

Mice can guess where the cheese is kept even though they do not know where exactly it is kept.

PREmise -> based on a fact. SURmise -> based on an intuition

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SURMAYI- wo surmayi is taraha se ki jaise wo mujhe pyaar karti hai

I GUESS it’s a surprise(SURMISE) gift

sounds like "summarize" which means to list down the conclusions

suemise: u will sure miss the train this is the guess..

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