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    stygian - Dictionary definition and meaning for word stygian

    (adj) hellish
    Example Sentence
    • Hence loathed Melancholy.../In Stygian cave forlorn
    (adj) dark and dismal as of the rivers Acheron and Styx in Hades
    Synonyms : acheronian , acherontic
    Example Sentence
    • in the depths of an Acheronian forest
    • upon those roseate lips a Stygian hue
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for stygian

stygian... think it as one living in a sty(pen for pigs) .. it is expected to be be disgusting and therefore dark or dismal

stygian sounds like sky + agyan. i.e., hell.

Stygian,rhymes with Contagion(spreading of disease) which is DEATHLY,GLOOMY and no doubt HELLISH,those who fall in trap of that.

Angelina Jolie as GIA(the model.. google it). Gia had a tragic career.Her favourite spot to snort cocaine was in a pig STY and that made her burn like HELL on the Inside.

The main river that flows in HELL is STYX...hell is a very dark and gloomy place.

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Sounds like "stitch you in!" Imagine being stitched into a body bag and thrown in a dark and dismal pit!

sounds like stingy. Rahul was a stingy pesron. He was always in gloom whenever he spend money

jinko STYle ka GIAN(knowledge) nahi hota,woh stygian hote hain


i knew an agyaani that thought hell was in sky, and heaven was below us

Satan giant lives in gloomy and dark place

"The darkness was cheap and Scrooge liked it." Scrooge's quarters were dark because he was so stingy.

Sky gone...so its turned dark and gloomy

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