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    spurn - Dictionary definition and meaning for word spurn

    (verb) reject with contempt
    Example Sentence
    • She spurned his advances
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for spurn

Spurn = s + purn. S = sex!! Purn = porn ; we disdainfully reject "sex + porn"

spur is to give heart to i.e., help. <br> spurn is to reject help.

boys, sprinkle spum + on, and move on, u know what i m talking about..

spurn rhymes with burn, so when your cloth is on fire, you are spurning it.

Sounds like return. So ur friends application was returned/spurned coz he provided fake info.

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spurn - sounds like "spin around" an offer

spurn = s + pure + n; s is not pure i.e. should be rejected.

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