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    sporadic - Dictionary definition and meaning for word sporadic

    (adj) recurring in scattered and irregular or unpredictable instances
    Example Sentence
    • a city subjected to sporadic bombing raids
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for sporadic

sporadic== opposite of periodic, we know periodic things occur regularly.

Take the first half of the word, i.e SPOR which sounds like pores. Pimples which OCCUR IRREGULARLY create pores in the skin.

sporadic..spora(spores). spores are cells which grow irregulary,like a media plate when exposed to fungi spores ,next day you will see a irregular growth.

SPORES on DICK occurs occasionally and at scattered instances.

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we can say sporadic as spasmodic.

sporadic = spores+ periodic we know females perdically discharge sopres but fertilization of these sores and thus pregnancy occurs by chance and thus sporadic = spores being fertilized not periodic and so occurring by chance

Remember Spores in flower.They are ocasionaly transferred by wind from one flower to another

today: PORA!! tomorrow: IC!! tu fir aa gya be.. PORA!! hahahahahah.. that means.... hahahah occurring irregularly :P

She was a POOR RADICal because her demonstrations only occured on occasion and in scattered instances.

sporadic~spot-radical: something RADICAL can just be SPOTted occasionally. E.g. I.Newton who occasionally SPOTted the falling apple gave birth to the RADICAL theory of gravitation.

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