Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for spate

What will be fate of our state if there is a SPATE OR SUDDEN FLOOD?

Spate sounds like spout. Think of water rushing from a spout.

Spate=spat(spit) but rather pure water.


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SPAT-e = sudden flood!

spate: SPAce + fATE : when we are in space(zero gravity) we count on our fate because there might be sudden flood of things/particles/rays and we might go to hell soon. so dont skate on fate and avoid going to space.. ;)

"pet" is a colloquial word in Telugu for "colony". <br> When there's a flood, it will "soak the pets".

The spate of dirty water from the pate

the himalyan ranges SPAT

spate= spa + te; spa means relax in water tab; when you enter you body in water tab then the water will floated & come in upper side. It will make a forceful flow of water.

when there is a spat on earth, there is a spate from God.

Spate= Spat + e. Flood is like an e normous spat

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