Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for soporific

(in hindi) 100(soo) puri kha kar I felt soporific.

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watching "SOaP Operas" makes u sleepy

so poor fiction makes u sleepy

So+Boring ..make you feel sleepy

Watching daily soaps(serials) on TV makes u sleepy

SO(sleep) + PORIFIC(which pores)... SO anything Which PORES sleep... SLEEP CAUSING.. SOPORIFIC

soporific sounds like "so far risky," so this soporific is so far risky. ahh I'm too scare to take it.

SOO(hundred)+PORI(ladkiya)fic....when you have hundred girls around you, you will be in a trance and you will feel sleepy

so+porific= soo p(b)oring => sleep inducing

Soporific; the first section reminds me of SOPHmore. Combine it to become SOPHmorific. Think of a sleepy teenager in class.

Imagine SOAP for washing. It has a slippery feel (SLEEP), but also sopor means state of deep sleep. Soap-porific makes you slip, so sopo-rific makes you sleep. simple.

"soph" khane se neend aati hai....

daily soaps are soporific that is sleep inducing

soporific make it as so borefic(porific)if u r bore in class u'll get sleep

spores makes feel sleepy

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