soporific - Dictionary definition and meaning for word soporific

(noun) a drug that induces sleep
Synonyms : hypnotic
(adj) sleep inducing Definition
(adj) inducing mental lethargy
Synonyms : narcotic , soporiferous
Example Sentence
  • a narcotic speech

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(in hindi) 100(soo) puri kha kar I felt soporific.
65        11
watching "SOaP Operas" makes u sleepy
17        6
so poor fiction makes u sleepy
14        1
So+Boring ..make you feel sleepy
5        2
Watching daily soaps(serials) on TV makes u sleepy
3        1
SO(sleep) + PORIFIC(which pores)... SO anything Which PORES sleep... SLEEP CAUSING.. SOPORIFIC
2        5
soporific sounds like "so far risky," so this soporific is so far risky. ahh I'm too scare to take it.
2        2
SOO(hundred)+PORI(ladkiya)fic....when you have hundred girls around you, you will be in a trance and you will feel sleepy
2        5
so+porific= soo p(b)oring => sleep inducing
2        1
Soporific; the first section reminds me of SOPHmore. Combine it to become SOPHmorific. Think of a sleepy teenager in class.
1        4
Imagine SOAP for washing. It has a slippery feel (SLEEP), but also sopor means state of deep sleep. Soap-porific makes you slip, so sopo-rific makes you sleep. simple.
1        0
"soph" khane se neend aati hai....
0        4
daily soaps are soporific that is sleep inducing
0        1
soporific make it as so borefic(porific)if u r bore in class u'll get sleep
0        1
spores makes feel sleepy
0        1

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