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    sleight - Dictionary definition and meaning for word sleight

    (noun) adroitness in using the hands
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he can write EIGHT on SLATE with both hands this is a SLEIGHT of hands

sleight rhymes with fight, so in a fight, you need a sleight of hands.

sleight resembles like slight feet or trick ..

Sachin was a picture of sleight and gait..(sleight-dexterity in hands gait-briskness in moving)

SLEIGHT...concentrate on light ....to create light products SKILL is required

When you "slight" someone, you have to be very careful and not show it upfront,which needs sleight (skills).

sleight - light and nimble movements - and hence skilled like in "a slieght of hands of a magician"

sleight = Sri Lanka (sl) one to eight number can bat & they r skillful are very much strong.

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