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    riveting - Dictionary definition and meaning for word riveting

    (adj) capable of arousing and holding the attention
    Example Sentence
    • a fascinating story
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for riveting

ii was aroused and riveted by the WET girl in the RIVER

river+wetting..so absorb

river should come to your mind,which is water,it can be absorbed.

plumber's often use rivet in water pipe fittings to eliminate the chance of any water leakage. rivet help in fixing two ends of pipe in such a manner that outlet of one pipe get deeply absorbed into inlet mouth of receiving pipe

RIVEr + bathING .. I was riveted by a girl bathing in river

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rivet - ri + whet - like in "whet your appetite"

u sink in river meaning yu are absorbed by river....(and moreover yu cant swim..lol)

river + wetting>> i was aroused and engrossed in watching when a wet girl came out of the river..

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