Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for reverie

(rever)ie, rever sounds like river. if you think of sitting with a girl on a river bank you are daydreaming.

read it as "river eye" jheel si aankhe... think about the song "sharbati teri aankho ki jheel si gehrai me mai doob jata hoon" so doob jana means mused in thoughts.. daydreaming..

Re(ver)ie Consider the word in bracket only. ver can be sounded as var (husband in hindi if i am right). So just make a sentence with some gal DAY DREAMING about having a good looking VAR some day !!

Rever(Rever)ie(I), Rever +I.. Imagine yourself into the contact of Cold River and your absentminded thoughts are gone.

had the likes of frank RIBERY not been caught daydreaming , france would have probably made it thru the group stages at this world cup

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REVERIE -> REVERE. When you REVERE or obsess about someone, s/he becomes part of your daily REVERIES.

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