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    unprepossessing - Dictionary definition and meaning for word unprepossessing

    (adj) creating an unfavorable or neutral first impression
    Synonyms : unpresentable
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for unprepossessing

split it as un+possessing. something which you dont want to possess is unattractive.

unprepossesing ~ not worth possesing

Un+prepossessing.....If you do not use prepositions properly in your writing it will be unattractive.

un+proposing.... noone would ever propose to a girl who is unattractive/unpresentable.(No offence pls)

If you attract to anything,you will try to preposses it than someone else try before. If it is un(not)+prepossessing means you had not attracted to it.

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Unprepossessing and Imposing have similar sounds. Unprepossessing (unattractive) is the opposite of Imposing (impressive).

unprepossessing - focus on 'pre'. If you do not possess some quality or the other before you meet somebody, you cant make good first impression

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