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    reprisal - Dictionary definition and meaning for word reprisal

    (noun) a retaliatory action against an enemy in wartime
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for reprisal

reprisal ~ appraisal ; If you Boss doesn't give you good appraisal (the yearly evaluation based on which salary is incremented) then you should retailiate by actually not performing/working !

His reprehensible deed deserved a reprisal.

re+PRICE+al where we assign some price to every object RETALIATE with its value.

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you go ta shop..and u like an item..but it is expensive .so u ask the shp keeper to re price(prise) the item..this time he prices it even high..so u act violently towards him..bcoz he has done sth bad to u...


Due to your reprisal boss was forced to perform a re appraisal.

re + uprise, fight back.

take a reprisal (revenge)to get apprisal

reprisal = rep + rise + al = repeated rising

reprisal = rep + rise + al = repeated rising or rise again after defeat

REPRISAL re + rise; repeatedly rise.

re+uprise:fight back again.

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