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    phlegmatic - Dictionary definition and meaning for word phlegmatic

    (adj) showing little emotion
    Synonyms : phlegmatical
    Example Sentence
    • a phlegmatic...and certainly undemonstrative man
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for phlegmatic

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phlegmatic -> plleg (flag) when we hoist a FLAG we have the AUTOMATIC reaction be calm and unexcited.

Sounds like PRAGMATIC(practical) --> practical people think with logic and show little emotion.

If u have lots of phlegm due to cold then u would unresponsive or impassive due to tiredness.

we can't pull his leg as he is calm & composed.

when u hoist a flag u have a lot of passion. phlegmatic is the opposite of that

A child sleeps soundly on Ma's leg .. as he is not easily disturbed

phlegm is caused due to coldness. therefore, a cool person (a calm person) is phlegmatic

philips k leg static..so coz of shock he is static..no emotions

Cold with phlegm makes a person too ill and unemotional...he becomes a phlegmatic person

put leg on mat and then not easily dirsurbed..

leg + mati(soil) >>> when soil gets stuck to our leg, without any reaction or emotion we jst wipe it off...

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