recourse - Dictionary definition and meaning for word recourse

(noun) act of turning to for assistance
Synonyms : refuge , resort
Example Sentence
  • have recourse to the courts
  • an appeal to his uncle was his last resort

(noun) something or someone turned to for assistance or security
Synonyms : refuge , resort
Example Sentence
  • his only recourse was the police
  • took refuge in lying

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for recourse

re+COURS we follow a medicine course which HELPS fight the TROUBLE, by developing disease.
20       2

by daringdavin

join a course when in problem
7       2

by 1.6k

consider that u joined a 'course'... the institute asks u to pay 10000 bucks.. you hav only 6000 bucks.. the rest 'recourse', i.e either take it from parents or friends
5       1

by vishvodhay

Recourse=we do another degre course(ms) for job security.Recourse=Hence is resort someone for help.
3       0

by rakei

Re (BACK)+course….(COACHING) when we are IN TROUBLE for not able to revise the whole course in time even after completing the regular one…… we RESORT..BACK to crash COURSE
1       1

by lebshah

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