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    quixotic - Dictionary definition and meaning for word quixotic

    (adj) not sensible about practical matters; idealistic and unrealistic
    Synonyms : romantic , wild-eyed
    Example Sentence
    • as quixotic as a restoration of medieval knighthood
    • a romantic disregard for money
    • a wild-eyed dream of a world state
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for quixotic

quixotic== quick + exotic, if you desire something exotic to happen quickly in your life it is just a daydream.

THIS WORD IS DERIVED FROM THE NOVEL....Don Quixote de la Mancha...where the HERO IN THE NOVEL..Cervantes GETS inspired by lofty and chivalrous but impractical ideals.................... SO QUIXOTE....QUIXOTIC....MEANS HAVING IMPRACTICAL IDEAS.......

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divide it as quix(quick)+otic.. i IDEALY wanted to be a quick runner but it was IMPRACTICALas i am a fat person..

quixotic=quick+sotic(sortic)...if u sort out things quickly without thinking u ll be FOOLISH AND IMPRACTICAL

if we divide quixotic, we will notice xotic which is similar to exotic which mean unusual

Quick so thick....He is Quick and so thick(fat here)...which is unrealistic.

Don Quixote sings the song "The Impossible Dream" in the Broadway play based on the book Don Quixote. So, to be quixotic is to dream impossible dreams.


Opposite of PRAGMATIC.....

He has given quick tick on the question paper i.e. without understanding i.e. not practical.

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